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‘Dee's performance can be hideously funny. Wilks nearly reprises her powerful role in Patricia Cornelius' Shit. She's a rough-as-guts Donna as magnetic in moments of bitterness and fury as she is in moments of clowning.’
The Age

Caravan is bitter and hilarious, tender and toxic: a darkly comic look at life on the margins and the universal need for love. For years a mother and her daughter have lived together in a dilapidated caravan full of faded dreams.

Over the course of one evening, while Donna’s phone pings and Judy sucks oxygen from her mask, they bicker and make up, scream and threaten violence and dream of better things.

Written by Patricia Cornelius, Angus Cerini, Wayne Macauley,& Melissa Reeves

Co Directed by Susie Dee

Performed by Susie Dee and Nicci Wilks

Melbourne Festival, Malthouse Theatre 2017

A team of Melbourne's most powerful theatre makers unite for a darkly comic double-hander. The play takes place in a real caravan, its side peeled back on hinges. There’s a real sense that the caravan is a home, a prison, and a brittle barrier between these women and the outside world that has forgotten them. It’s no small feat to create a piece of work that is harsh and full of pain, and yet, deeply empathic. Like Shit and Animal, Caravan feels raw, bold and vital.
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