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Institute of Complex Entertainment (1999-2003)


Susie Dee was the Artistic Director of the Institute of Complex Entertainment (ICE), a collection of professional artists from across a range of disciplines creating large-scale theatrical projects outside traditional venues that challenged audiences in both form and content. ICE was big, bold, imaginative and innovative

Director: Susie Dee

Writer: Wayne Macauley

Designer: Ian Bracegirdle

Musician: Michael Havir

Video: Chris Harris 

Lighting Designer: Nathan Thompson

Associate Artists: David Murphy, David Joseph, Anna Tregloan

& Jane Mullet 

Tower of Light


“gigantic… sophisticated… brilliant and satisfying. Festival shows are meant to be challenging and extreme and Tower of Light is a rare extravagance.”
The Age

Created by ICE, produced by Melbourne Workers Theatre, performed at the Royal Melbourne Showgrounds for the 1999 Melbourne International Festival. Played in a broad burlesque style this massive show explored contemporary gambling and greed and involved over seventy people: three community  choirs, two community brass bands, community theatre groups including Vietnamese Youth Theatre, Recharge Theatre for people with disabilities, Blackhole Theatre with their giant puppets, Big Issue sellers, a full rock band, and more... 


1999 Green Room Award: Innovation/New Form


The Teratology Project
 “a site-specific performance that works brilliantly.”
The Age

Created and Produced by ICE, performed at the disused PANCH hospital, Preston.

Nominated for two 2002 Green Room Awards

Transit Camp


On vacant urban land beside the Maribyrnong River, a sprawling shanty town suddenly appeared. Over the course of three days, thousands of road and rail commuters would see the camp and its inhabitants going about their daily business. Then, at designated times of the day, the general public were allowed to visit and see camp life close-up...

Transit Camp (2003) was both a performance-installation and political event.

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