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A site-specific theatre work set in moving taxis
It’s a rare piece of theatre which changes your view of the world, even temporarily, and it’s a credit to Cornelius, Dee and their team that
Taxi does just that.
Arts Hub, Richard Watts

Taxi is an intimate theatre experience. An audience of three sit in the back of a moving taxi and experience life in short grabs. These grabs are sometimes sweet, sometimes mean, and sometimes melancholic.

Presented by Dee & Associates and the Big West Festival

Creator/Director: Susie Dee

Writer: Patricia Cornelius
Assistant Director: Nicci Wilks
Visual Media: Tamsin Sharp
Composer: Ian Moorhead
Production Manager: Bec Moore
Production Assistant: Brienna Macneish
Costume: Zoe Rouse

Cast: Rodney Afif, Angus Cerini, Ananth Gopal, HaiHa Le, Amanda Ma, Nicci Wilks and special guests throughout the season.

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