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Savages isn't just a remarkable piece of writing, it's a powerful piece of theatre at every level. Wrangled and choreographed by director Susie Dee, Marg Horwell (set) and Andy Turner (lighting) make exceptionally good use of a difficult space. Kelly Ryall's visceral, skin-crawling music reaches a kind of apotheosis in the disco scene when it lets loose some cawing and unbelievably creepy sax samples.
Chris Boyd, The Austrailian

Savages is a cautionary tale about a group of men who don't really know themselves or what they can become. Four friends embark on the holiday of a life time - but their excitement is soured by anger, bitterness and the disappointment of their own lives. As the pack forms, the dark side of mateship takes over...

Playwright: Patricia Cornelius

Director: Susie Dee
Set and costume design: Marg Horwell
Lighting design Andy Turner

Composition and Sound design: Kelly Ryall
Assistant Composition and Sound Design/Sound Operator: Raya Slavin
Stage Management: Claire Shepherd
Director’s Assistant: Prue Clark

Cast: Lyall Brooks, Luke Elliot, James O’Connell and Mark Tregonning

Produced by Fortyfivedownstairs Theatre

Winner: four Green Room Awards (Independent Theatre)

Writing/Adaptation on the Australian Stage: Patricia Cornelius

Direction: Susie Dee

Set and Costume Design: Marg Horwell

Lighting Design: Andy Turner

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